Pet Franchises

Here at, we present an overview of the pros and cons of franchising, take a specific look at pet franchises, with an emphasis on dog franchises, and consider the state of the pet industry today.

Our mission statement is simple: to provide business education resources to pet lovers and entrepreneurs looking to buy a pet franchise. We aim to be your one-stop-shop for all dog franchise related information. We do not make any specific recommendations, but rather lay out all of the facts about each pet franchise so that you can make an informed decision.

Buying a Franchise

Before you go on reading about the various dog franchises, both in general terms and with regard to specific pet franchises, we highly recommend that you visit our overview on buying a franchise. It's essentially our FAQ on the topic of pet business, and addresses most of the questions and concerns that most entrepreneurs have when thinking about buying a pet franchise.

Why a Pet Franchise?

There are countless statistics about how enormous the pet industry is, and how much growth it has consistently experienced, year after year, especially over the past decade, and how the projections for continued growth continue to be rosy. That said, the real reason the majority of entrepreneurs end up choosing a pet franchise has less to do about the success of one sector of the economy over another, and more to do with a genuine heartfelt love of animals. You don't really find people running pet franchises who are focused solely on the bottom line. Instead, you find deeply caring individuals who want to provide better products and services for the dogs in their community.

Many who enter the realm of pet franchises are moving away from a boring, tedious job, and toward an enterprise which they themselves own, and which is centered around something they are truly passionate about: pets. So you can search around and read all the great statistics about pet franchises and the pet industry and feel good about working in this sector, but chances are, if you end up buying a pet franchise, you'll be motivated by your heart at least as much as your head.

Available Pet Franchises

As a general rule, you can divide the available pet franchises into two categories based upon start-up costs. Therefore, we have also broken down our examination of pet franchises into two major categories, as follows:

Home-Based Pet Businesses: As you can imagine, these are the low-end franchises with smaller starting costs, lower overhead, and - as a result - less opportunity for income and advancement. Yes, it's the old risk vs. reward. Within the category of Home-Based Pet Businesses, we specifically examine the following:

Brick & Mortar Dog Franchises: These high-end pet franchises obviously cost more to start, since among other things you need to pay for rent, signage, fixtures, and a range of other associated costs. However, your opportunities for income, growth, and genuine impact on your community of pet owners is extraordinarily higher. These pet franchises tend to fall into the following categories:

We hope you'll enjoy and find our resources helpful. The dogs of the world thank you in advance for providing them outstanding service!